Terms Of Service and Other Info

Terms Of Service



September 06, 2022 (updated September 06, 2022)

The following sections should answer most questions, please read them before contacting me.


The pricing I have on my website is a guide, not a quote. If you would like a more definitive price, please reach out for a quote.

Speed of the commission

School and/or work is my primary focus, which means I may have to push commission work to the side if I’m too busy. I also spend a lot of time with my commissions, you cant rush quality, and it becomes even harder when life gets in the way.

Can you show me how to ___?

I’m unfortunately too busy to help everyone, but I have compiled a list of very useful resources for both VRChat Avatar Creation and working in Blender. Lots of stuff on there I still reference regularly and wish I knew when I got started.

Artistic Freedom

I don’t particularly love having artistic freedom. For texture and/or shader work I find a reference sheet to be very useful. But if you do decide to give me artistic freedom, having a general theme would be nice. I also do not take text description reference guides, please have an actual reference sheet.


Payment will be done via PayPal and I will invoice you. All of my prices are in USD and I only accept USD (PayPal does automatic currency conversion). I do not accept any other form of payment. If you need to split the payment up we can figure it out.


You are free to cancel before I begin work on your commission. If I had to purchase an asset that I didn’t already own, you will still be charged for the cost of the asset. Once I begin work I may still charge you depending on how much work I did, but you are welcome to still use whatever I have made. I will handle this on a case-by-case basis.

Fixes and edits

You have two months to point out any flaws or changes you need done to your avatar or render. Things being broken or details I missed will be fixed free of charge. Bigger changes, especially if I need to redo an entire portion of the commission, may cost extra. This too will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


I don’t like to advertise it on my website, but I will do NSFW work, though I have the right to deny anything.


I’ll most likely show off what I have made for you on my Twitter account. If you give me your Twitter I will happily tag you, and if you decide to post about it, I’d really appreciate it if you tagged me! Also, if you would not like for me to show off what I’ve done for you, just let me know.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. If you would just like a quote that’s perfectly fine! Just mention you’re only looking for a quote.